Now it’s all about handbags – the Circle Bag is here

Most handbags have a more or less clearly defined, angular shape. But that is changing: the new trend bag for autumn is the Circle Bag – round and super variable to combine.

Clutch, Bucket Bag, Shopper – Women usually have multiple handbags for different occasions and styles – ten on average! The collection should now be complemented by a brand new trend bag: the Circle Bag. Everything started in Bali. Hand-woven, round handbags made of raffia – also known as “Bali Bag”

Now it has become, in the leather version, the it-bag for the autumn. And who has looked closely is not surprised by this trend. He has already emerged in the last season, when the accessories were less minimalist and more playful. Halfmoon Bag and Drew Bag, with their rounded shapes, have paved the way for the Circle Bag

By the way, whether round or square, which handbag you like, says a lot about you. Women who stand on large handbags, in which half the household is stowed, are considered creative and are real life artists. On the other hand, if you’re wearing a small, fine handbag, you’re probably a real organizational talent and pretty balanced – you’re planning your day carefully in advance, so you’ll only have to take what you really need. Or do you always fit the bag outfit and occasion? Then you are a true perfectionist in fashion and also the first in the office to try out this trendy bag.

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