Buying your beautiful wedding dress is an important time in your life. But before you find THE dress that will sublimate you and that will amaze all your guests, it will have to go through the fittings box . This is a very important choice since it will influence how you feel on D-Day.

Here are my 6 tips to apply to better prepare your first fitting of wedding dresses:

1. First good idea, browse catalogs, magazines and wedding blogs that are full of ideas, it will allow you to see the trends of the moment. In the course of your research especially on the internet, you may have a little idea, princess wedding dress or mermaid wedding dress, empire waist or sheath.

2. It is therefore time to determine your budget , set well the psychological threshold that you will not want to exceed. If the average price, in France, of the wedding dress revolves around 950 €, the price of the wedding dresses remains very variable according to the creators.

3. Know, my damsels, that it is not necessary to make adjustments in the week after work, the ideal is to make an appointment in advance (1 to 2 weeks), you will benefit a personalized attention and all the time you will need. Do not hesitate to embark on the first fittings between 2 and 6 months before the date of your wedding.

4. When you have made an appointment for your fittings, the question is : who will accompany you? Your mom, sister, best friend, … etc. Reduce the number of companions during your fittings to a maximum of 4 people. However, if you are surrounded by many people, you risk getting tired quickly to listen to the opinion of everyone.

5. Eat before going to your fitting session: It’s physically tiring to try on several dresses, and emotionally having to make the right decision. Do not go on an empty stomach.

6. The day of your fitting, come to your advantage , with a very light hair and makeup, (because it could rub off your dress and it will be very expensive to clean). Your wedding dress goes with your beauty. Plan wedding underwear, if you have any, under any circumstances they will be proposed by the counselor. Do not forget to include heels equivalent to those you wear on the day, jewelry that you want to wear with your wedding dress.

And most importantly, HAVE YOU girls ! The wedding dress fittings are one of the most enjoyable moments of the wedding preparations and will remain engraved forever from Chicregina, so enjoy!

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