Minimalistic nail art ideas

This year, in terms of manicure experimentation is expressly desired: Currently, nails are over and over provided with geometric shapes, dots, stripes, color blocking or applications – ezzine condition here: The look must be minimalist and reduced. How you can conjure up the filigree minimal trend on the fingernails, we show you here.

“Keep it simple” is the credo of the minimal look that is currently taking the beauty world by storm. Whether on the catwalks, on Instagram or on the street – the puristic trend manicure is currently omnipresent. But do not worry: what at first glance looks complicated, is quite easy to copy. All you need is nail polishes in basic colors like beige, pink or black. For fine details such as stripes or dots, you can take a nail art pen to hand. If you want to let off steam as far as nail art is concerned, then the minimalist manicure is just the thing for you. With these tips, the reduced nail styling works determined.

What’s hip in fashion seems to prevail often with the nails. At the moment there are graphic elements like stripes. Transverse or longitudinal stripes in gold or metallic set luxuriously small, but fine highlights. For this look, it’s best to paint all your nails first with a clear varnish. Then you apply two layers of your favorite paint, the color appears even more intense. Then you put a stencil on the fingernail, then with colored paint on the free strip – finished nail styling.

Have you tried everything around nail art and feel like something new? How about applications? With rhinestones you can put very interesting accents. How it works: Apply nail polish in your favorite color and sprinkle applications on the still wet paint as desired. Once this is attached to the nail, they are pressed firmly and fixed with a transparent varnish. Yes, it may also glitter!