4 things you should not do with coconut oil

It is super natural, costs hardly any money, makes the hair shiny and nourishes the skin velvety and taut: No News, all the world is crazy about the beauty wonder coconut oil .

What many forget in their foster care but: The hyped oil is not geeigent for every beauty move. What you should not do that better, we tell you here.

4 mistakes you make with coconut oil

1. Apply it directly on the face

A no-go if you are prone to greasy, large-pored skin. In this case, the oil can clog the pores, it form blackheads and pimples . Exception: Extremely dry skin types whose complexion absorbs everything as if it were water. You can absorb the rich oil well.

2. Make-up with coconut oil – without rinsing the residues well

Put a small dab of coconut oil on a cotton pad and make-up with it? Works perfectly. As long as you do not make the mistake afterwards, do not wash off the oil residue again. They can combine with tiny Foundation remnants and remain like an oily film on the skin.

3. Buy the wrong product

Only natural coconut oil products have the good fatty acids we want. You recognize them (clearly, in addition to the description on the pack) that they are not liquid, but mostly pasty.

4. Apply it as a hair mask

Hand up who ever tried to wash a layer of coconut oil from his hair !? It! is! U.N! possible! Who fights with super dry, stubborn hair, can knead a small blob in the lengths and tips. Wonderful. Normal to fine hair? Stay away from the coconut mask. It overwhelms your scalp and hair structure.